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Kweli Umoja's 1985

Vision of a National Camp

Camp Pumziko's History

An original founder of the 1979 New Afrikan Scouts, Kweli Sobukwe Umoja envisioned a national New Afrikan Scout camp gathering similar to the Boy Scouts of America’s Jamboree. The Los Angeles Zulu Troop held many local camping outings that qualified scouts for merit badges, but did not reach the goal of a national NASO jamboree before many of its founders and leaders relocated to the South. Even though there were discussions about holding a combined camp, particularly in conjuction with the New Orleans Chapter, headed by Fulani Sunni-Ali, it did not come to fruition.         

In 1986, the Atlanta NASO troop was established, with Aminata Umoja as their troop leader. Under the leadership of the New African Peoples Organization (NAPO), troops in the southern area began camping. Kwame Kalimara, a lifetime camper, headed up the initial camping activities in April 1990. Kalimara prepared the necessary forms with the assistance of Ahadi Tyehimba, who was one of the New Afrikan Scout co-coordinators in Los Angeles.

The troop began having weekend outings in tents at pioneer/primitive sites on the grounds of Georgia State Parks. After a few years of successful camping adventures, the activities evolved to include horseback riding, and boating. The Birmingham troop, led by Sanovia Muhammad and Ahmed Obafemi, joined in several of the camping trips. 

At the 1991 NAPO National Convention, Sanovia was assigned to headup the NASO program. She initiated a discussion of holding a national summer camp during a Scout Leadership meeting. Joined by Aminata, Ahmed, and Kwame, they developed the concept for the first national gathering. In July of 1994, Camp Pumziko was actualized at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama. Sanovia served as both the Camp Administrator and Medic, Aminata was the Curriculum Developer, Kwame was the Survival Camping Coordinator, and Ahmed served as the Logistics Director. 

The word Pumziko means rest, vacation, a place for recreation and relaxation in Kiswahili. Sanovia named the camp based upon the Afrikan Institute of Martial Arts (AIMA) and Kupigana Ngumi - the New Afrikan combat system's interpretation of Pumziko: "We come in peace, but ready to defend". The Pumziko stance utilized in AIMA consist of a closed left hand (fist) covered by an open right hand. When the open hand is extended, it symbolizes a gesture of peace. But if that offer is rejected, the fist is ready to defend. Pumziko is also the term we use for our 'Parade Rest' position, when the NASO troop is in formation.

Recognizing the overall positive impact of camping, and in our effort to be more inclusive, NASO leadership opened the camp to non-NASO youth and staff participation. A blending of a survivalist and accommodationist style of camping has taken place over the years.


July 7 - 13, 2024

FDR State Park - Pine Mountain, GA


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$400 NASO Member

$500 NON-NASO Member

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Camp Pumziko


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