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Atlanta, GA - We sponsor youth programs designed to empower Black communities through self-help, and self-development. These programs work to prevent drug addiction, combat crime, reduce inter-racial violence, train youth in communication skills, business skills, and discipline. We also offer crucial programs, such as the New Afrikan Scout Organization (NASO)Camp Pumziko, Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute, Afrikan Institute of Martial Arts (Kupigana Ngumi), drug counseling and education, family planning, and parenting workshops for teens. CAD also sponsors the annual Malcolm X Banquet, Malcolm X Festival, and Kwanzaa Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) events.

Detroit, MI - The Heritage Summer Camp provides camping for special needs children at no charge to the parent or guardian. The camp includes sports activities, arts, crafts, drama, music, and educational activities to promote social, and educational development in youth.

Jackson, MS - Has provided relief to the resident Hurricane Katrina victims, child investigative and search services for missing children, relief to special needs children in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the continued complete support of the Jackson Panthers - a youth sports organization by providing all equipment and uniforms.

The Jackson work also includes the continued building of the People's Assemblies, supporting the emergence of the Jackson People's Schools, strategy and data work with the Violence Interrupters program of the People's Advocacy Institute, policy work for the Police ID Taskforce and the City of Jackson, cultural tours of Jackson, community security training, serve on the Universal Periodic Review Taskforce with US Human Rights Network, serve on the Human Rights Cities Taskforce, and the citywide Cultural Strategy & Resource Generation work in partnership with Lighthouse: Black Girl Projects, Fahrenheit Creations, City of Jackson, Jackson State University and Hope Enterprise Corporation.

Camp Pumziko - "We Come In Peace, Ready to Defend!" The name of our camp is taken from a Kiswahili term, which means "at ease or at peace." Our slogan embraces the concept of peace and preparedness. Our defense comes in instilling a sense of pride in our Afrikan heritage as well as discipline and responsibility to make the communities we live in safe and viable. This annual week-long, sleep-away camp brings youth from coast to coast, as well as internationally. Camp Pumziko is an ongoing project of CAD. 

Through all of these and other programs, CAD promotes cultural awareness, positive self-esteem, and leadership development.

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